1. K's今日の1曲
  2. Punk / Hardcore
  3. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams / GREEN DAY (american idiot 収録)

 My shadow's the only one that walks beside me♪


・Green Day: "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" - [Official Video]


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  1. K's今日の1曲
  2. UK Rock (1990年代以前)
  3. Acquiesce / oasis (The Masterplan 収録)

 Because we need each other♪ We belive in one another♪

 シングルのB面曲だけを集めたoasisオアシス)のコンピレーションアルバム『The Masterplan』(全英2位・全米51位)収録曲"Acquiesce"。ちなみにこの曲は全英1位になった「Some Might Say」のB面曲。名曲ぞろいと噂のB面の曲の中でも特に人気のある曲でライブでも大盛り上がりになります。

・Oasis - Acquiesce



oasis -『The Masterplan』収録曲リスト
曲名 - 収録シングル
1. "Acquiesce" - "Some Might Say"
2. "Underneath the Sky" - "Don't Look Back in Anger"
3. "Talk Tonight" - "Some Might Say"
4. "Going Nowhere" - "Stand by Me"
5. "Fade Away" - "Cigarettes & Alcohol"
6. "The Swamp Song" - "Wonderwall"
7. "I Am the Walrus" - "Cigarettes & Alcohol"
8. "Listen Up" - "Cigarettes & Alcohol"
9. "Rockin' Chair" - "Roll with It"
10. "Half the World Away" - "Whatever"
11. "(It's Good) To Be Free" - "Whatever"
12. "Stay Young" - "D'You Know What I Mean?"
13. "Headshrinker" - "Some Might Say"
14. "The Masterplan" - "Wonderwall"
・Apple Musicで試聴&ダウンロードする

Fuckin' In The Bushes / oasis (Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants 収録)
Turn Up The Sun / oasis (Don't Believe The Truth 収録)
The Importance Of Being Idle / oasis (Don't Believe The Truth 収録)
Wonderwall / oasis ((What's The Story)Morning Glory? 収録)
Hello / oasis ((What's The Story)Morning Glory? 収録)
Don't Look Back In Anger / oasis (Familiar To Millions 収録)
Stand By Me / oasis (Be Here Now 収録)
Supersonic / oasis (Definitely Maybe 収録)
oasis@国立代々木競技場第一体育館 感想&セットリスト
D'You Know What I Mean? / oasis (Be Here Now 収録)
Whatever / oasis (Whatever 収録)
The Shock of the Lightning / oasis (Dig Out Your Soul 収録)
Bag It Up / oasis (Dig Out Your Soul 収録)
I'm Outta Time / oasis (Dig Out Your Soul 収録)
oasis@幕張メッセ国際展示場 「JAPAN TOUR 2009」 感想&セットリスト

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